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Normal Chewer: Lunar Theme 12 Month

Normal Chewer: Lunar Theme 12 Month

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This product is designed for typical play style and includes:

2 Cute Ethically Sourced Dog Toys
2 Delicious Dog Treats
1 Special Surprise Item
Subsequent boxes will be different themes. Be sure to check your email so you can select the next month's theme !
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The Pet Smart Wi-Fi Camera

The Smart Wi-Fi Camera allows you to monitor what is happening at home in real-time, from anywhere in the world! With it’s easy-to-use app you can track motion detection and watch & record video in 1080p high resolution during the day and night.

It comes with a magnet to allow for easy installation and relocation depending on where you want to use the camera and thanks to it’s rechargeable battery, no need to worry about putting it near a plug socket!