About Us

Maximum Happy | Minimum Impact

Pawgle is a reference to our best friends - our pets. Here is Bailey, the girl who started it all. 


When we were researching products for our own pets, most of the products we found were high waste, bad for the environment, and/or had murky supply chains that didn't make us feel good about worker conditions and pay. We were born out of a desire to ensure our purchases helped people, our pets, and our planet.  

Our purpose is to enable every pet parent to take small steps toward a sustainable, equitable future, while having as much fun with your furry friends along the way.

Our mission is to provide the most sustainable pet products, made with best labor practices possible, on the market so you can feel good about every purchase for your pet, from everyday needs, indulgences, and everything in between.

While we continue to vet products, we will make our own toys from recycled materials and wholesome ingredients.