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Sustainable Dog Toys and Treats

Toys sourced from the USA using recycled materials. Treats made with love. Your dog already knows you're a hero, and now you can feel like one, too. Let's customize the perfect fit for your pup!

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2 Cute, Ethically Sourced Dog Toys
Interactive, sustainable toys designed to stimulate and exercise your dog’s brain, based on their chewing style & personality! Most likely handmade by Allie.

2 Delicious Dog Treats
Eco-friendly, healthy & yummy treats your dog will adore! Also most likely made by Allie.

1 Special Surprise Item
A unique, carefully curated product that will make your life easier, your best friend happier, & the Earth a better place!

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How It Works

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 Introduce us to your best friend and their specific needs!

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 Select a plan that works for both you and your pup! Plans start at $24.99/month with flexibility to pause your subscription or have boxes arrive every other month. You are in control, and we want to help you reduce consumption if your dog isn't ready for their next box.

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 Your dog is going to LOVE the first week of the month!


  Your dog is going to be so happy! And you will feel so good.

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Sometimes it's hard to feel hopeful while looking around this crazy world. But we believe peace stems from focusing on what we can control and living our values.

As dog owners, we didn’t feel good about the synthetic plush toys we were buying that were most likely made in sweat shops overseas or all of the waste we were creating.

That’s why we made a sustainable, ethically sourced subscription box that is designed to not only make your pup happy, healthy, entertained & sharp, but is also better for the planet!

While the toys your pup receives will still contain synthetic materials, they will be recycled from unwanted used clothing. You don't have to worry about sweat shops - the products will be sourced from one of our partners in the USA and most likely made by us.

We went above and beyond just cute & sustainable products for your best friend: we partnered with EcoCart to fight climate change, and we’re currently helping fund the Amazon Rainforest project, so that your purchases always end up being carbon negative!

Join us on our mission and together, we can become better pet parents & take small steps toward a sustainable future!

If a toy from the tough or extreme chewer box is destroyed within 30 days of receiving it, we will replace it free of charge.
We partner with EcoCart that offers carbon offsets which reduces/removes/compensates for any emissions we make. This is certified by independent third parties.
Additionally, we automatically offset the carbon emissions of our packaging. Many of our partners also do this, so the purchase ends up being carbon negative! Our partner, EcoCart, has spent an enormous amount of time researching and working with Climatology PhDs to compile the GHG emissions per product type, which are used to determine the necessary offset. They use the Higg Materials Sustainability Index and industry-specific life-cycle assessments as a starting point, then layer in specific nuances (e.g., the shipping weight that we provide to them) to further refine the database and determine our necessary offset.
Currently, the project we are helping to fund is the Amazon Rainforest Protection initiative. They are fighting against deforestation due to it being a leading contributor towards climate change.
Manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada have environmental and labor regulations and at this point in our journey we rely on these companies complying with local laws. We examine the materials they use to ensure they meet our standards. Near-sourcing also reduces our carbon footprint. For manufacturers outside of the U.S. and Canada we obtain independent third party audit results to ensure they meet our focus on environmental standards and social good.
Yes, our packaging is completely compostable and recyclable. Additionally, it is made from recycled material and printed with earth-friendly inks.
If you are unsatisfied with your order, we will work with you to make you and your dog happy.
Your order will be shipped during the first week of the box’s particular month (e.g., the week of October 1st for the October box).
If you place an order in the middle of a month, your first box will ship during the first week of the following month (e.g., the first box for any order placed in September will be shipped during the week of October 1st and be the October themed box).